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The coagulation team is currently developing technology to treat groundwater contaminated with arsenic. Our treatment process involves using a coagulant that reacts with arsenic, forming a precipitant that can be filtered out of the water. We have experienced 95% efficiency in our lab tests in Berkeley using our technology, which brings arsenic concentrations below World Health Organization standards. Ultimately, we hope to implement family-sized, inexpensive systems that can be used at homes in Huatta, Peru.

This semester, we designed and created a model of the coagulation system. It involves rapid mixing of the coagulant and the arsenic-contaminated water and a filtration system that takes out any particles in the water. On our upcoming trip to Peru in July 2013, we will be building prototypes of this model. They are just temporary implementations, and will be used to gather data about the system. After we hear back about our prototype, we will improve upon our current system and move toward our goal of implementing permanent coagulation systems in Huatta.

Being a part of the coagulation team is a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience. Our week-to-week is always changing — we may be working on design one weekend or conducting lab experiments in our lab in O’Brien the next. We are right in the middle of an exciting point in the project, as we are preparing for final design and implementation.



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